Ryo Yanagida

PhD (Computer Science)


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I am Ryo Yanagida, a computer science researcher at the University of Glasgow, School of Computing Science. This is my personal website.

Currently, I am working with Dr Colin Perkins (University profile) and Dr Jeremy Singer (University profile) on a Rakuten Mobile funded project exploring content centric networking, network management, and edge computing.

My current research interests are in computer networking, routing, and naming architecture, more specifically, next generation network protocols, IPv6, host-mobility, host-multihoming, and mobility-multihoming duality.

I started at the University of St Andrews, School of Computer Science back in 2012, received a BSc (Hons) Computer Science in 2016. I then remained at the university and began my PhD in 2017. During my PhD, I worked with Prof. Saleem Bhatti on Identifier-Locator Network Protocol v6 (ILNPv6) — specifically, to enable mobility-multihoming duality for ILNPv6 on Linux Kernel implementation. I completed my thesis in October 2021, and was awarded a PhD in Computer Science in June 2022.


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S. N. Bhatti, G. Haywood, R. Yanagida, “ILNP - Identifier-Locator Network Protocol : FreeBSD 14.0 @ IETF118/Prague (dataset)”. University of St Andrews Research Data Repository. Nov. 2023. doi: 10.17630/8a1f128b-8362-446e-8e7e-fea5a2dab97f
S. N. Bhatti, R. Yanagida, K. Shezhad, and D. Phoomikiattisak, “ilnp-public-1”, Sep. 2019, first software release of ILNPv6 prototype implementation containing mobility mechanism. [Online]. Available: https://ilnp.github.io/ilnp-public-1/


NOMS 2nd International Workshop on Autonomous Network Management in 5G and Beyond Systems (ANMS 2023) Workshop — https://anms-conf.github.io/2023/
Talks/Guest Lectures
University of St Andrews, CS3301—Component Technology module, Message-oriented Middleware Lectures 1&2
Netdev 0x13, Technical Conference on Linux Networking. Prague, CZ. "End-to-end networking with ILNP in Linux" URL